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Maddow interviews Blago

The following is Rachel’s take on the entire interview. She discusses the highlights, or lowlights with a former DOJ Prosecutor and whether Blago slipped up and admitted wrong-doing. Remember, Blago’s attorney quit because he refused to keep his piehole shut and drop his national tour of talk shows. The entire interview can be seen here in sections. {font-size:11px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #999; margin-top: 5px; background: transparent; text-align: center; width: 425px;} .msnbcLinks a {text-decoration:none !important; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999 !important; font-weight:normal !important; height: 13px;} .msnbcLinks a:link, .msnbcLinks a:visited {color: #5799db !important;} .msnbcLinks a:hover, .msnbcLinks a:active {color:#CC0000 !important;}

Obama-Blagojevich report is out-oh goody!

The pdf is available here. Obama’s report reads as a memo from his new attorney Greg Craig. It’s only five pages long. WaPo has a writeup on it here. From the WaPo writeup:

The 5-page memorandum, which was released to reporters by e-mail two days before Christmas, says that the contact between the scandal-plagued governor and the president-elect’s staff was proper and limited in scope.

“The accounts contain no indication of inappropriate discussions with the Governor or anyone from his office about a ‘deal’ or a quid pro quo arrangement in which he would receive a personal benefit in return for any specific appointment to fill the vacancy,” the report, authored by White House Counsel-designate Gregory Craig, said.

The report also revealed for the first time that officials with the U.S. Attorney’s office investigating the Blagojevich case interviewed Obama on Dec. 18. Emanuel was interviewed on Dec. 20 and Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett was interviewed on Dec. 19.

The report did not disclose what information any of them provided to the prosecutors.

The bottom line is, no harm, no foul…no hanky-panky by Obama’s staff…so can we all move on now??

Blago is a real peach to employees.

The New York Times has a sort of ‘profile’ of Blagojevich up today. Its a look at the whackjob that is running the state of Illinois. From the NYT writeup:

And yet, Mr. Blagojevich, 52, rarely turns up for work at his official state office in Chicago, former employees say, is unapologetically late to almost everything, and can treat employees with disdain, cursing and erupting in fury for failings as mundane as neglecting to have at hand at all times his preferred black Paul Mitchell hairbrush. He calls the brush “the football,” an allusion to the “nuclear football,” or the bomb codes never to be out of reach of a president.

In 1996, John Fritchey, a Democrat who shared a campaign office with Mr. Blagojevich, was told that his stepfather had suffered a serious stroke. He walked over to Mr. Blagojevich, who was making fund-raising calls, and shared the news.

“He proceeded to tell me that he was sorry, and then, in the next breath, he asked me if I could talk to my family about contributing money to his campaign,” recalled Mr. Fritchey, now a state representative and a critic of the governor. “To do that, and in such a nonchalant manner, didn’t strike me as something a normal person would do.”

Then, he actually thought he was going to be picked as Kerry’s running mate in 04. LMAO!

At points in early 2004, Mr. Blagojevich appeared with Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate, at a community center in Evanston and a junior high school in Quincy. Mr. Blagojevich seemed confident, said two former employees, who refused to be named out of concern that their comments could jeopardize their current work, that he would soon be selected as Mr. Kerry’s running mate. (An aide to Mr. Kerry’s campaign says he was never under consideration.) At the time, there seemed only one problem: Mr. Blagojevich was uncertain he wanted to be a No. 2.

It seems there is a fine line between being a wingnut and a great politician…

Video of Blago yesterday…LOL!

It’s rich ain’t it? 😉