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Todays WTF moment-courtesy of Roger Hedgecock.

The former mayor of  San Diego, who btw left office disgraced,(what rethug doesn’t),  has come to a very strange conclusion of why Bill Sparkman was murdered:

It’s the illegal immigrants and the Mexican Drug Cartels.

I shit you not. From ThinkProgress via the LAProgressive piece linked above:

The latest comes from right-wing radio host Rodger Hedgecock who seems convinced that the country’s “open border policy” must have had something to do with Sparkman’s gruesome death. Hedgecock dismisses the possibility that Sparkman was targeted and killed by someone motivated by the anti-government rhetoric being spewed by teabaggers and right-wing politicians who have explicitly bashed the US Census, and instead claims that “illegals” at “pot plantations” may be the cause of forest fires and Sparkman’s death:

 Now it looks more like Sparkman was yet another victim of illegal drug operations on national forest land, and possibly also a victim of our still open border with Mexico.
Our open border with Mexico has been changing American society in a number of unpleasant ways. These fires, these destroyed national forest lands, and maybe even Bill Sparkman’s death, may just be the latest way.

Ole Roger is really stretching it here, as the law enforcement folks believe the meth activity in the area might be to blame and those dudes consist of  local inbred white guys.

These guys just crack me a sick twisted way.