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Run, do not walk, to your nearest Music Store.

I own every piece of recorded music for only one artist. That is saying alot m’dear reader as music is one of the top three loves of my life.

That artist is Joe Bonamassa.

In May of this year, he played the Royal Albert Hall for consecutive nights. Eric Clapton played RAH with him. That should tell you all you need to know if you love the blues and all great blues players that are still alive and kicking…er, playing.

Smokin’ Joe has released a dvd of his RAH performances.

If you have two brain cells to rub together, you will buy and/or rent this dvd and watch/listen to it.

Britan’s Independant has a review up of his performance at that hallowed venue.
I partook of a little herb and will now commence watching one of the blues best and brightest perform.

Fuck politics today. Twice even. 😉