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Former head of FISA court criticizes BushCo on wiretapping of Americans.

WaPo has a good read up today. The honorable judge Royce C. Lambeth had said this to say about Bush’s wiretapping of American’s program, speaking at the American Library Association’s annual convention:

“We have to understand you can fight the war [on terrorism] and lose everything if you have no civil liberties left when you get through fighting the war,”We still have to preserve our civil liberties. Judges are the kinds of people you want to entrust that kind of judgment to more than the executive.”

Isn’t this a no-brainer my dear reader? Evidently not if the former presiding judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court had to say it out loud and in front a gathering of people.

Go check it out. BushCo taking power that isn’t their’s..and people know it. People who matter know it and they are speaking out about it.

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