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Its not the Iranian’s arming the terrorists in Iraq..its the Russians?

The police at the Italian airport were looking for drugs. What they found was incredibly more important to the state of the world, the Middle East specifically. From AP:

Their discovery led anti-Mafia investigators down a monthslong trail of telephone and e-mail intercepts, into the midst of a huge black-market transaction, as Iraqi and Italian partners haggled over shipping more than 100,000 Russian-made automatic weapons into the bloodbath of Iraq.

Damn..everyone’s getting in the armament ‘bidness’ don’t ya know? Where are the Chinese guns shipping in from? Afterall..War is Good Bidness! Why shouldn’t everyone make a buck?

With friends like the don’t need enemies..snark button on there folks 🙂 It’s getting uglier and uglier ain’t it? Place your bets..

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