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BushCo to announce $20B in arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Tomorrow, according to AP, Bush will announce a huge arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

You remember that country right? It’s where most of the terrorists that flew the planes into the twin towers hailed from.

Bush wanted the announcement to coincide with his visit to Riyadh tomorrow. How nice..from the AP writeup:

The Bush administration will notify Congress on Monday of its intent to sell $20 billion in weapons, including precision-guided bombs, to Saudi Arabia, moving up the announcement to coincide with the president’s arrival in Riyadh, The Associated Press has learned.

Despite concern about the deal from some lawmakers, the State Department, which last month said it would delay the notification until after Congress comes back into session, will announce the proposed sale on Jan. 14, a day before the House returns to work and more than a week before senators return to Washington, said a senior official.

Nothing like arming your enemies to keep the war on terrah going strong is there?

Artwork courtesy of The Worried Shrimp