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Coakley and the circular firing squad..

It started last night…the Dem’s taking pot shots at Coakley and each other for the massive failure in MA. last night.

The rightwing nutters are dancing in the street, with visions of a majority dancing in their heads.

At this point..would it make much of a difference who runs Congress? My thought is hell no..they are all dysfunctional and the majority of them are carpetbaggers.

Coakley still has a job to wake up to this morning. Hopefully she is better at that job then she was at campaigning for Senator of MA.

Scott Brown ran a great campaign and sadly, we can not take that away from him. Martha took a nice vacation during the middle of the campaign…she lost and deservedly so.

Below is Howard Dean waxing poetic about the major fuck-up in Mass. last night: