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When does satire bring out the worst in people?

When folks such as Shakespeare’s Sister, now Shakesville, and Fat Lady Sings speak out about some very trashy and not funny shtick…and then the punks and pussy’s come out of the closet and swarm their blogs..thats when. XM radio’s resident idiots have also lost 2 sponsors..Trojan condom’s is one, after the routine where one of their characters wanted to screw Barbara Bush, Queen Elizabeth and Condoleeza Rice. He wanted to ‘fuck that bitch to death”. Another one of their shticks recently was one of their guests asking..“Would it be possible, could you whistle ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ while I rape a girl?”

Free Speech isn’t guaranteed on private blogs..sorry, but its not. If you wish to flame someone and threaten to kill or hurt them..your a fucking punk. Try telling your boss what a fuckwit he is and then claim freedom of speech you idiots, and see how far you get. Everyone has the right to speak out about a program they don’t like or that they think is bullshit. Everyone has the right to organize a boycott against someone or something they think is wrong. But NO ONE has the right to threaten these women for speaking their fucking ONE. Below is a part of Shakes’ blog about Opie and Anthony’s show in question, she also has a video of this crap on her blog post:

XM radio show of “shock jocks” Opie and Anthony is truly sickening. Please be warned—it’s got extremely offensive and vulgar language and is definitely not worksafe.

One of their guests, a man called Homeless Charlie, says, “I’ll tell you what—what’s that George Bush bitch, um, Rice…? Condoleezza Rice? … I’d love to fuck that bitch dead, man,” at which point the rest of the studio erupts into laughter. Homeless Charlie says again, “I’ll fuck that bitch to death,” to which Opie/Anthony reply, “I just imagine the horror in Condoleezza Rice’s face—” [uproarious laughter and interjection “When she realizes what’s going on!”] “—as you’re just like holding her down and fucking her.” More uproarious laughter, prompting Homeless Charlie to continue: “Punch her all in the fucking face—shut up, bitch!” Says Opie/Anthony: “That’s exactly what I meant!” [raucous laughter]

Continues Homeless Charlie: “And George Bush wife? I’ll fuck that bitch to death!” Opie/Anthony (pretending to be Homeless Charlie): “Hey woman! Hey woman! I’ll show you a real man! Why don’t you come by my box?—I’ll show you a real man!” [laughter]

And then, just so this spectacular conversation doesn’t die a premature death, one of the hosts prompts Homeless Charlie to keep going, with: “Hey—what about, uh, what about the Queen? Current events—the Queen just finally went back to her dumb castle or whatever.” Homeless Charlie exclaims: “Fuck that bitch! … Fuck the Queen. She lost. You lost, bitch. Why you coming over here, you horse-faced looking bitch? [whinny]” [laughter]

What a bunch of wacky crack-ups these guys are.

Everyone can listen to what they want and GOD knows I have no love for BushCo, which includes Condo Rice..but that shit is out there people..seriously. And as far as I am concerned..rape is NEVER funny. Never fucking ever.

If you agree that Opie and Anthony are not funny and that rape of anyone isn’t funny can contact these guys and voice your distaste for them here.

As for the trolls that suddenly developed a taste for threatening women who speak out..FUCK YOU ASSHOLES..twice even. These Brave souls(not really) behind a computer also put FLS’s personal information out there on the internet. Its no different than the terrorist’s blowing innocent civilians to kingdom come in Baghdad and everywhere else in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bet your mom would love you for it you worthless bags of batshit.

I have put on comment moderation because I fully expect the wingnuts to swarm me after this post..I will not give them an opportunity to spew their vile here. Grow up you dumb mutha fuckas.

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