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Rove will not be testifying before Congress..what a surprise!

The title is tongue in cheek of I am sure no one on this planet is shocked by the news that Rover will not be visiting the Hill as a guest of the House Judiciary Committee.

The latest request for Krazy Karl to appear is based on the investigation into the Don Siegelman affair I mean that the Rethugs seriously made hay at Don’s expense. From the RawStory writeup:

In his latest offer to settle the matter, Rove sent the panel a letter offering to respond to questions in writing, according to his attorney. But he reiterated that he would not testify publicly and under oath.

Committee leaders did not immediately answer questions about how they will respond. Earlier this month, they threatened to subpoena Rove if he did not agree to appear voluntarily by Monday.

Sweet friggin Jaysus, wtf do the idiots think they can do? They have subpoenaed this jackass how many times now and still not done a damn thing to him.

The Dems have no balls nor do they plan to rent any during this session of Congress. What a fucking pity…BushCo is not only in Contempt of Congress, they actually have contempt for Congress.

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52 former AG’s can’t be wrong..

Update: Parts of Alabama did not get to see this specific part of the show last night..coincidence? way.

The written transcript of this 60 Minutes show from last night can be read here. From the transcript:

As correspondent Scott Pelley reports, 52 former state attorneys-general have asked Congress to investigate whether the prosecution of Siegelman was pursued not because of a crime but because of politics.

Those AG’s are from both sides of the aisle. The real story is that Karl Rove was involved in the plan to sink Siegelman..which of course makes this whole case suspect as hell and politically motivated.