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Check this out.

I have been going to doctor appointments non-stop lately and somewhat therein lies the reason I have not posted here lately.

But Sirens Chronicles has plenty of great articles. Our writers are top notch and their subjects are quite diverse. Please check them out and respond in kind if you feel so moved.

They would really appreciate your patronage. 😉

Now, off to another doctor appointment..ugh.

Great reads at Sirens Chronicles today..

Big Fella has an excellent article up over there, the title: It’s Official: Internet Surpasses Newspapers. He quotes a new Pew Research study on the subject.

For most of us left of the center, this has been a fact for years already.

Check it out ok? While your there, Carol has a good one up about our civil liberties entitled: George the Worst. She examines what Bush has wrecked and how Obama might deal with our loss of civil liberties and the rule of law.

Alien Trucker has a good one called Feeble Old Clowns and Their Dynasties.

Betmo raises the roof on the war between Hamas and Israel with her post Israel Committing Genocide in Gaza. The graphic she has up says it all for me.

Well, that is today’s update on Sirens Chronicles…a good place to find all sorts of thoughts and points-of-view, not to mention Alien Truckers fine music video’s. 😉


Check out Sirens Chronicles…okey dokey?

Because the designer Craig and I spent a full day and a half working on it. Craig did all the heavy lifting…. I just bitched, demanded or agreed.

Plus, its Sunday and I always try my damnedest to direct some folks to the best little group blog in the blogosphere that no one knows about. I am tired of it being a well-kept secret.

Fran has a good post up that breaks down the Rethugs convention.

Carol breaks down the whole damn 08 Presidential Election.

Betmo’s great post about Palin and her wingnutty church and pastor. Complete w/video!

Those are just a few of the posts awaiting your readership people…come on, humor me ok? ;>)

Sirens Chronicles is a year old today..

The group blog has turned a year old. Feels like a hundred years to me. 😉

Please stop by if your out and about reading blogs ok? Its a good blog filled with the writings of very smart folks that have one thing in common..they speak truth to power. Oh well…hopefully next year things will be in change mode for our Federal Fuckwits at the Helm.

Artwork-Herbert James Draper-The Gates of Dawn

Sunday morning..

I have nothing to post today..we have been having horrible thunderstorms complete with hail and heavy winds since yesterday. The cable keeps going while I have a chance..I would love to direct you to some wonderful posts by our writers over at Sirens Chronicles:

The folks at the Coalition for a Democratic America have an enlightening series going about PTSD. The title: Lives and Families Destroyed.

Fran has a good post up about the bs contained within the military contracts signed by recruits entitled Information subject to Change. She has also posted on the Tibetan Monks protest and how China is dealing with it.

Betmo has an interesting post up which wonders outloud about the rift between white folks and people of color. It’s called The Audacity of Hope.

Also, Karen Zipdrive has a very interesting poll up on her blog this morning. Please take the time to check it out and vote in her comments section.

Have a good Sunday m’dear friends and compatriots. Keep fighting the good fight.