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McClellan starts making the rounds of tv shows..

He will be on Countdown this evening. I am sure he will also land on every other show that is clamoring to let the little trolie polie open his piehole and puke out some mea culpas.

We need to remember that many newsies considered Scotty one of the dullest knives in the drawer to put it mildly.

We lefties can get all high and mighty about his ‘revelations’, but Tenet basically did the same damn thing in his book, which is to say its a huge CYA exercise with a payout if the book flies off the shelves at your local Barnes and Noble.

As a treat..I say that with tongue in cheek…below is Rover’s pov about Scotty’s book and musings via Fox Noise. Krazy Karl calls him a leftwing blogger. H/T to C&L for the video!