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Ted Stevens finally indicted…plus SoCal earthquake coverage..

As I was sitting on the second floor, talking to my doctor the room started rocking and rolling.One of Sirens writers, Big Fella lives at the epicenter. He reports no damage that he can tell yet, but he is in a wheelchair and can’t get up to the second floor. He did hear breaking glass. So far there have been 27 aftershocks…

Ted Stevens has been indicted on seven counts of lying his republican ass off. He has resigned his two committee seats. From TPM Muckraker, via Roll Call:

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), who has been indicted on seven counts of making false statements on his financial disclosure forms, has stepped down from his post atop two committees, according to a senior GOP aide.

Republicans may vote as early as Wednesday afternoon to select replacements.

Consistent with GOP bylaws that require Members who are under felony indictment to relinquish their ranking posts on committees, Stevens, the longest-serving Republican Senator, has officially stepped down as ranking member of both the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and the ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense.

Ted is a tool. Hopefully he will be seen in prison orange very soon..but I ain’t holding my breath.