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Gut wrenching.

It was simply gut wrenching to watch. KO makes tonight’s Special Comment about tomorrows ‘healthcare summit’  very personal. His father is going downhill fast, and I send both of them my love and prayers. He lost his mother last year. ;(

Leave your egos at the door, like KO says, gentlemen. Do NOT bring that political horseshit in w/you either. Healthcare for all Americans is a moral obligation, you sons of bitches.

Best Special Comment evar!!!!

Video when it’s available either C&L or KO’s spot on Msnbc.

Its available!

This is a great Special Comment. It’s long,but aren’t they all? KO speaks truth to power regarding racism. Doesn’t it make you physically ill that the TeaBaggers don’t fucking get it? It’s common sense people…common-fucking-sense.

Blue Dogs-bought and paid for, just like the Repub’s

They join the Rethugs as Big Pharma, Health Insurance companies and the other healthcare special interest groups as the highest paid whores for keeping the status quo in the US regarding healthcare.

KO did a spectacular Special Comment tonight on the Blue Dogs and the healthcare it below.

Next up are the fuckwits that are invading all the Democrat’s townhall meetings. It’s obvious as hell that these fuckers are paid for by the opposition. Watch Axelrod discuss them on my video page here.

KO’s SC on Cheney’s lies at AEI today

Today’s Special Comment goes to the heart of what drove me nuts this morning whilst watching The Big Dick Cheney™ wax poetic about Gitmo, Torture, the Iraq War, Saddam Hussein and all the other shit he outright lied about. See my post below for my pov on the day’s speeches.

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The Big Dick Cheney is such a douche. And he relishes that role methinks.