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The church of the NFL

It’s a high holy day for those of us that worship sports, specifically professional football. It’s opening day. It’s also a day when politics takes a day off, and I mean the whole fucking day and night.

There is football on from 10am to 8pm today, non-fucking stop. Tomorrow is a double header in the evening.

Go Chargers, even though I ain’t a fan of Norv in any way, shape or form. Rivers ain’t all that either.

Enjoy your Sunday folks!

"A good walk spoiled.."

That is how a very smart man referred to the game of golf. Today’s final round of the Master’s was full of excitement and ch-ch-ch-changes all day. It went into overtime..extra innings..really a sudden death playoff. Fucking awesome it was. A gent from South America won, Angel Cabrera.

I realize that golf is primarily an elitist sport. I still enjoy watching a good match. And Augusta is one of the most beautiful courses in the world. It’s not cheap to keep those courses looking spectacular and specially groomed. The hubby and I watched together, so it was good quality time.

Today is also Easter Sunday around the world. We heathens, here at Dustyville, celebrated by eating a big calorie-laden meal of baked ham, candied yams, garlic mashed potatoes, hawaiian sweet rolls and brussel spouts. I cooked my ass off, then laid down and recovered from standing all that time in the kitchen by becoming one with my pipe and playing with the cats that laid down around me, but I digress…

We refer to my candied yams as “Yam Soup”. They never come out the same way twice and 9 times out of 10 the little yammie’s are swimming in the sickeningly sweet mixture.

But soupy mess goes great over the no one complains. My son loves my yams. Too bad he won’t be getting them this year, living in OK and all. 😦

Today, they had the consistency of..well..snot. But a tastier dish of candied yams, you have never eaten m’dear reader…trust me on this. The sugar high lasts for friggin hours too! No..I won’t give out the recipe here…who the hell wants to make yam soup when they are trying to make candied yams?

I didn’t say anything aloud about their consistency..that would be bad form wouldn’t it? I bet the Ball n’ Chain™ thought it too, how could he not?

Clyde the cat gave me a bath this afternoon. I hate those rough tongues, but Clyde really is a sweet little man and he doesn’t bathe just any one or any cat ya know.

Padres won I still get to ride the Ball n’ Chain™ about my team being better than his team.

The First Family got their puppy today. That’s about as close as I got to politics, over at Fran’s blog.

Time for more baseball..yay! 😉

Sunday..bloody Superbowl Sunday..

It’s SuperBowl Sunday and I love it. Many political junkies aren’t sports each his/her own..

I have also been bedridden for over 3, that I can sit up long enough to write anything is an improvement. I would like to suggest you visit Sirens Chronicles today..we have the following thought-provoking writers up:

Angry Black Bitch and Dizzy Dezzi. I love both these women with all my heart..and their thoughts and posts are worth your time my dear reader.

Also, Fran has some good works up too. She inspired to me post the Human Peace Sign from Hungary below.

Enjoy your Sunday. I am hoping I can stay conscious long enough to enjoy the game. 😉

For Libhomo..this great piece of political Artwork from the Wizard of Whimsey:

Sunday morning blogs worth reading

Today is a damp and dreary Sunday here in the San Joaquin valley. But it’s a good sports day for moi, so I am not in a writing mood. For those in a reading mood, here are some good posts up at Sirens Chronicles:

Donatra gives us her reasons for being a proud Liberal.

BibleBelted makes his case for why Bush43 and Manson were separated at birth.

Another post in their series on the 14 Points of Fascism and how they relate to the extreme right and BushCo in particular. This one is on sexism.

And, the Angry Dakota Democrat gives us a goodie on the flap generated by the reichwing nutjobs over what ended up to be a non-issue: Soros ownership of a health insurance corporation.

Last, but not least by any means..Dave links to a good read and gives us his take on an Esquire article about why Iran is the new Iraq..but its not really new..ya know what I mean?

There you have it..some good reading for a Sunday afternoon my dear blogging buds. I have to go park my ass in front of the boob tube for my Sunday sports extravaganza which starts with football, moves to stockcar racing and ends with hopefully a BoSox World Series win. 🙂

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