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And from our WTF dept…

Hundreds of Government Laptops missing???? 400 of the lil bastards from, of all places, the State Department, are unaccounted for…Sweet Jaysus, and they belong to the department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program!

Perhaps the terrorists are smarter than the employees at the State Dept? From CQ Politics:

Ironically, the Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program is administered by the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), which is responsible for the security of the department’s computer networks and sensitive equipment, including laptops, among other duties. It also protects foreign diplomats during visits here.

DS officials have been urgently dispatching vans around the bureau’s Washington-area offices to collect and register employee laptops, said department sources who could not speak on the record for fear of being fired.

The irony is rich indeed..and perhaps they should fire all of those nimrods and start over. $30 Million dollars worth of equipment. Christ, these people are either retarded or don’t give a shit..your choice.

This screwup first appeared on a little blog called Dead Men Working..interesting blog, check it out. Evidently government employees not only blog on the clock..they break stories regarding the fuckwittery that inhabits this administration. I love it!