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62,000 workers laid off in June

Yet the idiots in the Federal government insists the unemployment rate remained static. Horseshit mutha fuckas! When 62000 people lose their jobs there is at the very least a blip on the screen, It’s not rocket science but it shows how fucked up our federal government is in delivering the correct news to we, the people. It’s propaganda at its worst m’dear reader.

Add to these numbers the amount of folks applying for unemployment-and you have almost half a million claims being paid to laid off workers around the US. These numbers do not take into account the folks that have used up their unemployment compensation.

All the MSM articles I read for this post quote the governments bullshit line that the unemployment rate remains steady. Once again, the MSM feeds us the bullshit that the federal government is handing out daily. We can’t believe the government and we surely can’t believe the MSM. There is one piece of information in the NYT writeup that seems to point to the truth:

The national unemployment rate climbed a full percentage point over the last year. That does not include people who are jobless and have given up looking for work, or people who have been bumped to part-time jobs from full time. Add in those people and the so-called underemployment rate rises to 9.9 percent. “The number of these underutilized workers is up over one million over the past year,” Mr. Bernstein wrote.

So enjoy your fourth of July..I say that w/tongue firmly planted in my cheek.