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Stupak the tool.

Emptywheel has a great article up about the asshole that singlehandidly took women’s reproductive rights and stuck them in the crapper yesterday..Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.). Seems the worthless fuck is a “C-streeter“. From the writeup:

As you read Bart Stupak boasting of taking reproductive choice away from women, remember that he’s not just an otherwise good Democrat (he’s not, in fact, a Blue Dog) who consistently lets the agenda of the Catholic Church override the well-being of his constituents, he’s also one of C-Street’s top Democratic members.  This man, crowing over his legislative success is speaking as a representative of a group that preaches moral purity for others, but excuses itself from such moral guidelines with a back-slapping prayer lunch with the buddies. And then turns around and uses that moralizing to accrue political power.

What a dirtbag. That this fucking asshole can stand and brag about denying women a legal medical procedure makes me physically ill. 

We can only hope that when the conference meeting between the Senate and House members takes place…his fucking prehistoric amendment will be dropped like a hot rock.