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This is how McCain supports our troops?

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I plan to run a piece by a veteran of the Iraq War. Today however, we take Weathervane McCain to task for his lies and bullshit he spews about supporting our soldiers. I hate this man like I hate Bush…perhaps even more so because he IS a veteran. May he suffer as our soldiers do..a thousand times worse for all eternity.

FAILING GRADES: McCain’s record on supporting veterans is one of the worst in Congress. IAVA has given him a grade of a “D” for voting against veterans’ priorities so often between 2000 and 2006. A scorecard of roll call votes compiled by the Disabled American Veterans found that McCain has voted for veterans funding bills only 20 percent of the time. For example, in May 2006, he voted against an amendment providing $20 billion to the Department of Veteran Affairs’s (VA) medical facilities. In April 2006, he was one of just 13 senators to vote against providing $430 million to the VA for outpatient care “and treatment for veterans.” McCain has railed against comprehensive universal health care and wants to give veterans the “freedom to choose to carry their V.A. dollars to a provider that gives them the timely care at high quality and in the best location.” But as New York Times columnist Paul Krugman notes, “[T]he Veterans Health Administration is one of the few clear American success stories in the struggle to contain health care costs. … [I]t’s an integrated system — a system that takes long-term responsibility for its clients’ health — to deliver an impressive combination of high-quality care and low costs.” McCain’s plan, however, would “privatize and, in effect, dismantle the V.A.” In his narrow-sighted focus on eliminating earmarks, McCain may also cut funding for military housing.

From The Progress Report

Webb GI Bill passes Senate 75-22

Here is a list of how everyone voted. Let me save you the trouble of looking however…all the nays had an R behind their name. McCain did not vote.

The number of yeas should be able to blow off Bush’s promised veto.

McCain, you really don’t support the troops do ya? Not by a longshot asshole.

McCain and the GI Bill..

For a military man to pull this bullshit..well, its down right pathetic and a travesty. The bi-partisan bill sponsored by Chuck Hagel and Jim Webb puts no limitations on the benefits for our returning soldiers who want to receive an education.

McCain didn’t like that, so he has now sponsored his own bill that puts caps on what our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans would receive. From the Washington Independent link above:

Funny, then, that the benefits in McCain’s bill fall well short of those provided by the proposal he refused to endorse. That bill, sponsored by Sens. James Webb (D-Va.) and Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), offers Iraq and Afghanistan vets full tuition, room, board and supplies at any state school, despite the cost. It also makes no distinction between active-duty troops and members of the Guard and Reserves — a provision added in recognition of the unprecedented reliance of today’s volunteer military on those service-members.

In fact, one of the central criticisms of the Webb-Hagel bill — from both the White House and many congressional Republicans — is that it’s too generous, and therefore will encourage service-members to abandon the military in favor of college. Offer a lesser benefit package, the theory goes, and the troops are more likely to stay in their boots. (Supporters of the Webb-Hagel bill, including a number of veterans advocacy groups, say the better benefits will encourage recruitment, therefore nullifying any retention problems that might occur on the other end.)

We can never be too generous to our returning soldiers. Not. Fucking. Ever. To even suggest that is tantamount to heresy and dare I say it…a shitty and completely bogus way to support our troops.

Artwork by the talented Dark Black.

Commanders refuse military Drs advice for troops in action.

After my Sunday post about Army Spec. Jeans Cruz and his PTSD, this morning I got to read how the military continues to put the war before the troops mental health:

U.S. commanders in Iraq are rejecting a recommendation made by Army health experts that troops receive a one-month break after they spend three months in a combat zone. U.S. troops in Iraq are spending more time in combat than those who fought in Vietnam or World War II, and experts say continuous exposure can lead to more mental health problems.

So, Army health experts can kiss off? WTF here? Army psychologists say continual combat may cause more mental health problems. Their research, conducted in Iraq last year, shows that 30% of troops experiencing high levels of combat demonstrate signs of anxiety, depression or acute stress.

This research was conducted last has to be worse now..judging by the violence and deaths spiraling up as the “Surge” has led to worsening numbers in dead and injured troops.

30% of our troops IN THE COMBAT THEATRE show high levels of anxiety,depression and stress….yet we can’t do shit to fix it? How effective can they be working at that level?

Are the military commanders fucking nuts or is it that the war is more important than the lives and health of our troops?

Great way to support the troops gents..fucking awesome. You vile pricks.

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Iraq Veterans Memorial

This is sponsored by Brave New Films/Foundation, and Robert Greenwald. The video will premiere on the internet March 17th. I will have it up on my site as will hundreds of other bloggers. Please watch this short video and if you wish to join this premiere and include the video on your website you can go here to read more about it, or here to the sign up page. The Foundation is also asking for submissions from folks who have lost a loved one and want to eulogize their soldier, you can do that here.

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