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The rich still bitch about their tax rate, except G Gruener.

Venture Vulture, oops, I mean capitalist Garrett Gruener talks about taxing the rich. From Kevin Drum’s writeup over at Mojo:

Venture capitalist Garrett Gruener has some advice for his fellow capitalists:

    For nearly the last decade, I’ve paid income taxes at the lowest rates of my professional career. Before that, I paid at higher rates. And if you want the simple, honest truth, from my perspective as an entrepreneur, the fluctuation didn’t affect what I did with my money. None of my investments has ever been motivated by the rate at which I would have to pay personal income tax.

    ….No one particularly enjoys paying taxes, but one lesson we should have learned by now is that for the good of the country, we need to tax people like me more. At a minimum, we need to return to the tax rates of the Clinton era, when the economy performed far better. Simply taxing the wealthiest 2% of Americans at the same rates they were taxed before the Bush tax cuts could reduce the national deficit by $700 billion over the next 10 years. Remember, paying slightly more in personal income taxes won’t change my investment choices at all, and I don’t think a higher tax rate will change the investment decisions of most other high earners.

    What will change my investment decisions is if I see an economy doing better, one in which there is demand for the goods and services my investments produce. I am far more likely to invest if I see a country laying the foundation for future growth. In order to get there, we first need to let the Bush-era tax cuts for the upper 2% lapse. It is time to tax me more.

I get real tired of saying this, but once again…the rich folks saw their income grow by 17-fucking-percent in 2009. Read that previous sentence again, then tell me why the fuck anyone can argue against lifting the Bush tax cuts for the rich folks at the top of the slag heap we call the economy. As Kevin says in his piece: …changing the top marginal rate from 35% to 39.6% will have no measurable impact at all on work or investment decisions. From a macroeconomic perspective, it will reduce the future deficit and nothing more. It’s a pure win for everyone, even the rich.(emphasis mine)

Amen brotha..a-friggin-men to that.