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News..both mine and of a political bent..

I got my MRI, and I saw my regular orthopedic Doc today. The MRI shows more damage than was there two years ago..well, DUH..Workers Compensation has done nothing but treat the symptoms..that is..until recently when they cut me off all medications except for a sleeping med and an anti-inflammatory. Seems I am not supposed have pain according to the idiots at W/C. How they figure that when nothing has been done fucking amazes the shit out of me. (image to the right is NOT me, but it shows a real fucked up nerve root).

I am now waiting for the MRI report to be read by the UCLA doctor that will do the surgery if he agrees to take my case. My regular Ortho said today he would be surprised if the UCLA Doc refused to take my case. The spinal cord is pinched so badly because of the missing discs and those ones that are breaking down above, that he understands how I can be in constant pain..too bad the dipshits at the Workers Comp Review Board don’t see that..well, they do see it but they are trying to save money and force me off of W/C because financially I am in the toilet..ah, enough of that crap..I have been on the phone for two hours this morning trying to straighten out their fuck-ups. They want an outside doctors opinion of my condition..yet do not want me to see one of their own doctors because he usually sides with the patient, yet they put him on the friggin list!

On the Political of the editors at Slate, Jacob Weisberg, has written a book on Bush’s politics and how he applies his evangelical bullshit to his job as President of these here United States.

Now, I know what your thinking..Bush, our Idiot-in-Chief only says he is an evangelical..and I believe that too. But if you check out the three part series they have running over on Slate, it really hands Bush his a tuna can. The book is called: The Bush Tragedy. A short blurb from the first series:

Graham and Bush surely did have conversations in Maine that subsequently took on meaning for George W. But on closer examination, this story too turns out to be a parable, crafted to convey an idea about the subject rather than to relate the literal truth of what happened. Like almost every other detail about his spiritual life that Bush has chosen to reveal, it shows evidence of being shaped and packaged.

Its a great piece that examines how Bush sold his evangelical belief to the masses. Sold is the correct word according to Mr.Weisberg, because once again..Bush was lying his ever-lovin ass off. The fact that Bush has lied about pretty much everything in his entire life is brought full-circle in Mr. Weisberg’s book.

I look at it this way..if the sumbitch can lie about his beliefs in God, he will lie about anything. From the third installment:

If Bush’s theology is free of content, his application of it to politics is sophisticated and artful. Evangelical politics is a subject on which he has exercised his intellect, and perhaps the only one on which he qualifies as an expert. Bush began his study in 1985 on behalf of his father’s effort to become president. George H.W. Bush regarded televangelists like Pat Robertson as snake handlers and swindlers. Reflecting his parents’ attitude, Neil Bush referred to evangelical Christians in a speech for his father in Iowa as “cockroaches” issuing “from the baseboards of the Bible-belt.” For their part, the evangelicals felt no affinity for Bush Sr. They found his patrician background off-putting and suspected the sincerity of his conversion to the pro-life cause.

Cockroach..its a good description of Georgie Bush and his daddy don’t you think?

graphic pirated from Jolly Roger over at Reconstitution. 🙂