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Today’s Must Read: Obama and the Left,where is the love?

Its over at The New Republic . The author addresses some valid reasons why many of us on the left aren’t embracing Obama. Take this passage for instance:

‘The relationship is frosty,” explains Micah Sifry, cofounder of techPresident, a blog that focuses on the interaction between candidates and the Web. “At various points in the campaign, Obama has said or done things that have antagonized progressive bloggers”–from calling Social Security a “crisis” to criticizing New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. “I think his instincts are liberal, but his governing style may not be,” says Open Left blogger Matt Stoller, adding that Obama’s readiness to embrace conservatives and chastise his allies on the left have caused many bloggers to wonder how strongly he would fight for liberal priorities as president. “The point is,” Stoller adds, “I’m not sure. And this has been accentuated by the fact that no one [from the campaign] is talking to us.”

But then, he assumes quite a bit here:

Indeed, despite the areas of obvious affinity between Obama and the netroots, there are also areas of significant disagreement. His campaign themes–unity, bipartisanship–grate on liberal bloggers frustrated at the perceived unwillingness of mainstream Democrats to stand up to the Republican Party on issues ranging from Iraq to the Bush administration’s warrantless surveillance. “Our community tends to be filled with people who … are largely skeptical that it’s possible to reach across the aisle and get anything other than slapped for your efforts,” Jane Hamsher, of the blog Firedoglake, told me.

Check it out..its not that long..ok?