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New Documentary from Brave New Films and The Nation.

It’s called: This Brave Nation. The trailer below gives clips of the major participants. From an email I received this morning:

The initial series comprises five episodes featuring elaborately-produced conversations between historic progressive figures discussing the issues and movements that have inspired and informed their lives and work. Each conversation will be produced as both a short viral video as well as a 30-minute mini-documentary. Participants include Pete Seeger, Tom Hayden, Dolores Huerta, Naomi Klein, Bonnie Raitt, Van Jones, Carl Pope, Majora Carter, Ave Lowery and Anthony Romero, who all share their ideas, lessons and experiences so as to inform, enlighten and inspire a new generation.

I am very familiar with Huerta, Hayden and Seeger. These individuals were my hero’s during th 70’s when I was getting beaten by the police for protesting the Vietnam war. Many times I was lucky to hear them speak live at gatherings, or walk with us as we demonstrated for migrant workers rights, an end to the Vietnam War or civil rights injustices that we all knew were just fucking wrong.