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Mothers Day in Nepal: Big protest, lots of arrests

All of the arrested are women. From the VOA writeup:

Police in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu say they have detained more than 560 Tibetan protesters Sunday, all of them women.

It was the all female demonstration against China’s crackdown in Tibet since violence erupted in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa in March.

Since then, Tibetan exiles have taken part in anti-China protests nearly every day. Nepal is home to about 20,000 Tibetan refugees.

Power to the people…Buddha please keep them safe. These wonderful women deserve our respect, as do all the brave protesters.

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Beyond Beijing..

I made this for Enigma at WaterGate Summer.

Meanwhile today..54 Burmese immigrants suffocated to death while being smuggled into Thailand looking for work.

China tries to do damage control in Tibet uprising

The government of China, who has tossed all media from Tibet and imposed a news blackout, is trying now to spin a little damage control

on what is happening in Tibet. A Thai torchbearer for the 08 Olympics, to be held in China, has withdrawn in protest of China’s actions in Tibet. Who exactly is to blame for the unrest in Tibet?

Why the Dalai Lama of course! At least that is the way the Chinese media is spinning it. From the AP writeup linked above:

“The Dalai clique is scheming to take the Beijing Olympics hostage to force the Chinese government to make concessions to Tibet independence,” it said.

The attacks on the Dalai Lama have been aimed at further demonizing him in the eyes of the Chinese public, which strongly supports the Olympics. The Dalai Lama, who advocates nonviolence and denies being behind the March 14 riots in Lhasa, asserted Sunday that he has supported China’s hosting of the summer Games.

If that doesn’t do it, they are also blaming..cough..Nancy Pelosi for all that ails China with regard to Tibet. From the AP article:

The official Xinhua New Agency, meanwhile, published a commentary bashing Pelosi, a fierce critic of China who on Friday visited the Dalai Lama at his headquarters in India, where she called China’s crackdown “a challenge to the conscience of the world.”

Xinhua accused Pelosi of ignoring the violence caused by the Tibetan rioters. “‘Human rights police’ like Pelosi are habitually bad tempered and ungenerous when it comes to China, refusing to check their facts and find out the truth of the case,” it said.

The Human Rights police? Damn skippy..China is one of the worst offenders of human rights on our planet. Sick bastards can’t accept the responsibility of their own actions. Reminds me of a drug addict..its always someone else’s’ fault.

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China blocks YouTube after Tibet protests posted on site.

From Jurist:

The Chinese government on Sunday blocked Internet users in the country from accessing the video-sharing website YouTube after videos of a recent government crackdown on Tibetan protesters challenging Chinese rule were posted on the site. The protests over degradation of Tibetan culture and a flood of new Chinese immigrants into the region escalated into violence in the capital Lhasa on Friday with reports that as many as 80 protesters had been killed. Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Sunday deplored the use of violence by both the protesters and the government, but said that the region is facing “cultural genocide”. AP has more. CBC News has additional coverage.

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Video of yesterdays protest in Labrang Amdo Tibet

Video of yesterdays protest in Labrang Amdo Tibet. has comprehensive video and up to the minute news of what is going down in Tibet. From a news story on Phayul:

March 16 – Hundreds of Tibetans are arbitrarily arrested in the ongoing house-by-house raid by Chinese security forces in Lhasa beginning from 15 March 2008. All former political prisoners have already been rounded off and thrown into prisons by the security forces according to confirmed information received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD).

With streets filled with patrolling Chinese armed troops and tanks in Lhasa city, the security agencies comb each and every house in Lhasa and pick up all suspected Tibetans, especially youth, from their houses accompanied by severe beatings by the armed forces. In testimonies received by TCHRD, mothers and elderlies in the families helplessly plea at security forces upon seeing their sons and loved ones being beaten and dragged away.

According to AP:Violence in Tibet spilled over into neighboring provinces Sunday where Tibetan protesters defied a Chinese government crackdown. The Dalai Lama warned Tibet faced “cultural genocide” and appealed to the world for help.

Protests against Chinese rule of Tibet were reported in neighboring Sichuan and Qinghai provinces and also in western Gansu province. All are home to sizable Tibetan populations.

The demonstrations come after protests in the Tibetan capital Lhasa escalated into violence Friday, with Buddhist monks and others torching police cars and shops in the fiercest challenge to Beijing’s rule over the region in nearly two decades.

Shades of Myanmar..

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