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Moody’s places the NYT Co. on Ratings Review

To those of us that are civilians in the world of investments..that means a possible “downgrade on the company’s Baa1 senior unsecured and Prime-2 commercial paper ratings.”

Goodness. Doesn’t that suck for their stockholders. From the E&P writeup:

The review comes on the heels of company’s double-digit ad revenue declines in December and January.

“The current pace of revenue declines are more than Moody’s had anticipated for 2008,” wrote Moody’s lead analyst John Puchalla.
The ratings firm disclosed it is going to keep an eye on the New York Times’ ability to reduce operating costs above the previously announced $230 million in 2008 and 2009 and the company’s plan for free cash flow.
Puchalla wrote Moody’s will monitor the Harbinger/Firebrand proxy fight but it’s not “integral” to the review.

Wonder what it means for us readers.