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Title IX, is there still more questions than answers?

This week was the anniversary of Title IX(9). The law mandating gender equity at all federally funded institutions regarding sports teams and school activities. 35 years ago it came into being, yet there is still debate about Title IX.

Two reads about the subject: Sports Illustrated has an article by Dr. Donna A. Lopiano. WaPo has an article up as well, but their writeup is by a male.

I thank the powers that be for creating Title IX. Many young women that never would of gotten to college can thank Title IX, my niece included. They are skilled athletes who would of had to take out thousands of dollars in loans in order to receive a college degree. My niece rec’d a degree in criminology thanks to Sam Houston State’s Softball Program. Many of her friends in highschool were able to do the same at college’s all over the United States.

I notice a distinct difference between the female and male college athletes. The women graduate with a degree more than the men. Or I just know more intelligent female’s..I ain’t sure which.

But I am still thankful for Title IX.

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