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Roadtrip update…

 No one was killed or maimed during our roadtrip from hell. Thank Buddha.

We finally made it into Billings MT last night around sunset. My sis and I were both exhausted after driving for three days through major snowstorm’s and dealing with her dog who does NOT travel well, even when he is tranquilized up to his brown eyes.

For a trip that was supposed to only take a day and a took us three full days of driving. The speed limit was anywhere from 75-80mph. But you can’t go that fast when it’s snowing..although the locals seemed to not mind the driving snowstorms and blew past us like we were standing still.

Since I did the majority of the driving, I did not get to take any photos of the beautiful countryside we drove through. Utah and Idaho were simply breathtaking.

The temperatures were always at freezing or below. This did not go over well with either of us, since we are both Southern Cali dwellers.

My sis got into her new home this morning. It was a shock to see that ‘move-in ready’ here in Billings means no fresh paint, nor does it mean a clean house. But it’s a cool two bedroom house with a fenced backyard of at least a quarter of an acre. There are also two apple trees in the backyard. The fireplace is great and it’s in the master bedroom. The hearth is stone and quite massive.

The other thing that didn’t go as expected is the delivery of her household goods.

Those won’t be here until Monday at the earliest.

My sis did not bring work clothes with her. She starts her new job on Monday.

So she will be living in an empty house that will only contain her blowup mattress.

I fly out tomorrow around 11’ish. I can’t wait to get home but I am sad that my lil sis will be struggling. Once her household goods arrive, she has three days to unload them. She has several friends here in Billings that are supposed to help her.

Needless to say, I am staying an additional night here in the motel. She wants to stay in her empty house.

To each her own.

Normal political blogging will resume shortly.