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There are 105 vacant judicial seats in Federal

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The Chief Judge for the Northern District of California is retiring at the end of the year, his name is Vaughn R. Walker. Who will fill his shoes? Good question as Obama has a chance to stock the Federal courts with fair, balanced judges and so far he hasn’t done shit, as there are over one hundred vacancies at this very moment. From Emptywheel over at FireDogLake:

So, who will fill the enormous shoes of Vaughn Walker? The sad and pitiful truth is probably nobody because Barack Obama has displayed a shocking and reckless disdain for his duty to stock and replenish the Federal Judiciary (see here and here). There are currently 105 Federal judicial seats vacant, and that is not including Vaughn Walker’s yet; and a grand total of 48 nominees pending, with 25 of them pending in the Judiciary Committee and 23 having already been passed out of Judiciary and placed on the Senate Executive Calendar (although Harry Reid has not scheduled a floor vote for a single one of them).

I find this bullshit unconscionable. It’s getting harder every day to find things or issues on which to support President Obama. It’s also becoming flat out impossible for me to support any democrat running for federal office this November.

On a related issue, my bud RJ (Global Glass Onion) and his other blog, sent me this link this morning which states the Democrats have sided with the worthless batshit crazies known as Republicans to block Obama from making appointments during the Congressional recess coming up.From RawStory

In a stunning alliance between Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans, Senate Democratic leadership quietly agreed Wednesday evening to block President Barack Obama from making recess appointments while senators return home to campaign for midterm elections, according to a Congressional newspaper.

The move involves Senate leadership holding “pro-forma” sessions of the Senate every Monday and Friday to prevent Obama from filling vacant senior federal positions. By holding sessions every few days, Obama can’t slip his nominees through. 

Ain’t that some shit folks? The Green Party is looking pretty good these days as it seems to me that you can’t tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican. George Bush made plenty of fucking recess appointments during his eight years…so it begs the following question to be posed to the morons with a “D” after their name: