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Honor the Consciences of Our Veterans

Yesterday a 24 year old soldier, Corporal Brett Land was buried here in his hometown of Bakersfield. His life ended in the hell hole called Afghanistan. He was a wrestler in high school. He had people here who loved him. But he is just another statistic in our endless warmongering. From the local news link above:

Land graduated from Bakersfield High School in 2005. He joined the army three years later. While Land was in the service, he met his wife Sarah. They have a newborn daughter Rileigh, but Land never got to hold her in his arms. She was born three weeks before he was killed.

Someone tell me what the fuck is Happy about that????
I find nothing Happy about Veterans Day when we still have thousands of our citizens fighting and dying for a corrupt Afghan government and yes I am talking to you President Obama when I say check out the graphic below the video, courtesy of  Dark Wraith. . Video From BraveNewFoundation:

This isn’t a Happy day, its a Solemn day, its a day to think about all those young lives snuffed out like a match stick or soldiers that will forever suffer from their injuries, including PTSD, in our forever wars that have nothing to do with freedom..Iraq and Afghanistan are about power and domination. This is how this anti-war person sees Veterans Day as long as even one of our soldiers is still in Iraq or Afghanistan:

Veterans to Obama: Do NOT escalate the Afghan war.

Sign our petition to send a clear message to President Obama: Do not send more soldiers into this quagmire:

An Afghanistan War veteran will travel to D.C. to deliver this message to the White House. Make sure your voice is heard.

Anti-war Vets allowed to march in some Parades..

Article reprinted from Illustration from DarkWraith

Anti-War Veterans In Veterans Day Parade Jeered, Cheered
by Valerie Richardson

DENVER – Antiwar veterans passed out leaflets and carried signs opposing the war in Iraq yesterday after winning a last-minute right to march in this city’s annual Veterans Day parade.About 50 marchers displayed peace signs and banners with messages like “Iraq is Just Vietnam in the Desert,” “Bring Our Troops Home Where They Belong,” and “Bush Lies.”

They were greeted with bursts of applause by some parade-watchers and shouts of criticism by others.

“Go find another parade!” yelled one man.

“Leave your politics at home! This is about veterans, not politics,” shouted Alex Cuellar, who attended the event with his wife and two young children.
He called the eleventh-hour decision to include the antiwar veterans groups in the parade “disgraceful.”

“This is supposed to be for the veterans. It’s not about whether the war was right. The soldiers don’t choose the war,” said Mr. Cuellar.

The United Veterans Council of Denver had excluded the antiwar groups, citing complaints about disruptions during last year’s parade, until the city brokered a deal Friday afternoon allowing Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War to participate.

“We’re happy to be included,” said Frank Bessinger, founder of the Denver chapter of Veterans for Peace. “We’ve asked everyone to keep it respectful. Our intent has never been to disrupt or offend.”

As the marchers passed the reviewing stand, a few parade-watchers asked why they hadn’t displayed an American flag. The marchers carried organizational flags but not the Stars and Stripes.

“They weren’t carrying an American flag and a couple of the veterans standing nearby asked why they weren’t, but they didn’t say anything,” said Jerry Hageman, president of the United Veterans Council of Denver.

Otherwise, Mr. Hageman said, the event was a success. “It went off real well. They [antiwar veterans] did what they said they were going to do,” he said.

In last year’s parade, one antiwar marcher shouted at Sen. Ken Salazar, Colorado Democrat, as they passed the reviewing stand. The marchers also chanted antiwar slogans, resulting in complaints from some parade-watchers.

Mr. Hageman said the antiwar groups were excluded because the city’s rules expressly forbid “politicking and soliciting” by marchers. But city officials agreed to allow the organizations to march after they promised not to “embarrass the city,” said Mr. Bessinger.

Marchers didn’t chant this year, but they did hand out copies of an article criticizing the war in Iraq, cards printed with the Bill of Rights, and postcards that said “Funding the War is Killing Our Troops.”

The parade featured about 3,000 marchers, with the antiwar veterans bringing up the rear. “We’re kind of like Santa Claus, coming at the end,” said Mr. Bessinger.

Denver wasn’t the only municipality wrestling with how to handle antiwar groups. In Boston, Veterans Day organizers struck a deal with Veterans for Peace that allows them to march at the end of the parade. In Long Beach, antiwar veterans were banned from marching in the city’s parade after organizers said they wanted to keep politics out of the event. Long Beach City Attorney Bob Shannon backed parade organizers despite complaints from the groups.