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Video of the Day-Banks vs Credit Unions.


Mitt Romney-The Candidate most folks want to get into a barfight with.

This snark and sass is courtesy of the folks at The Onion. I need some snark in my life lately. Too many things are depressing the living shit out of me. The state of the economy, the world and my personal pocket book..just to name a few of them. I am so bummed lately I had given serious thought to throwing in the blogging towel..but Betmo talked me out of it. I heart that woman for taking the time to talk me off the edge of the abyss. ;>)
Poll: Mitt Romney Is Candidate Most Voters Want To Get Into Bar Fight With

Sunday morning politics revisited by Veracifier

TPMmuckraker I love you guys!

A most excellent video: Feel Good Inc.

H/T to Larry Johnson’s blog No Quarter, which has a new home my link for the new url.

Its from a site called BrightCove and it won’t embed, but click this link and watch it..great animation of The Shrub and Krazy Karl Rove.

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A few words from Randy Newman about our country

Hat tip to Earl over at PeaceTrain for this YouTube vid. Love ya Earl 🙂

Randy Newman sings about the state of our nation, the asshats on the Supreme Court and its worth the 4 min of your life to listen.