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The decades best viral video’s.

The list isn’t belongs to I don’t know if I agree with all their choices either, but there is the link anyway. The one I really enjoyed on their list that I had not seen is the wedding march down the aisle, which you can watch below. Those kids really have a great sense of humor and I hope it bodes well for their marriage. It reminds me, sort of, of when the Ball n’ Chain and I were married by the Elvis impersonator in Vegas. We had a great video of it till the asshole accidentally erased it. Lots of singing and dancing was involved in our wedding too. Thankfully, neither I nor the BnC sang..the very short, very Asian Elvis impersonator sang Viva Las Vegas…and he did sound just like Elvis.

Of course this one of Christian the lion and his former owners meeting a year after he was released back into the wild really chokes me up every, single, fucking time. So, I won’t put it up here. 

There is also a list of honorable mentions..some are worth it..some are not. Enjoy! 😉