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Holy Shit..WSJ Editorial Board writes Pro-Obama article!

I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyeballs. From the WSJ writeup:

….In linking the dollar to oil prices, Mr. Obama is pointedly at odds with the Bush Administration and Federal Reserve, both of which blame high commodity prices on supply and demand, despite falling demand due to slower global growth. Fed officials — in particular, Vice Chairman Donald Kohn — have expressly rejected any strong link between the dollar’s collapse and the oil price surge since last August.

This conveniently absolves the Fed and Bush Treasury of responsibility for the consequences of what has been their destructive and all but explicit dollar devaluation strategy. If the Illinois Senator rejects greenback debasement, that’s the best news to date about Obamanomics.

Sweet Jesus in a speedo! The last paragraph is the money quote for moi:

We don’t know who is whispering in Mr. Obama’s ear about the dollar, but he’s on to a rich political vein. Americans know instinctively that something is wrong when the Canadian loonie is worth more than the greenback. Over to you, John McCain. (emphasis mine)

Johnny McC ain’t no financial wizard remember…but his buddy Phil Gramm is. Wonder what Phil The Fucktard will have to say about this….

On a side note…John Edwards comes clean about his affair tonight on ABC..oh big fucking deal..he didn’t molest a minor like the asshole republican in Missouri recently.

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And from our WTF dept…

The Wall Street Journal..that bastion of business that has been publishing since July 8, 1889, and is now owned by Rupert Murdoch..that bastard that has no shame and never met a lie he didn’t print..started up the New Year by doing a front pager on:

I shit you not dear reader..E&P says so right here. Nah, he isn’t going to change a thing is he? All I know is..there has to be more intelligence in outer space judging by the jackass that thought that was front page news on the Presidential Election.