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Iraq Prez says our troops can leave!

Well, 100K of them can by the end of this year:

The United States could withdraw more than 100,000 troops out of Iraq by the end of 2008 but should retain three permanent bases, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said Sunday. Interviewed on CNN in Washington, Talabani also backed a US Senate plan to decentralize Iraq along ethnic lines, but the ethnic Kurd said he opposed an independent Kurdistan. “More than 100,000 can be back by the end of the next year,” he said of the US troop presence in Iraq, which would leave about 30,000 personnel once a limited withdrawal planned by US President George W. Bush is complete.

Isn’t that great! Will BushCo go for it?

Hell no he won’ would all his corporations make money? Of course this does make one wonder about who is telling the truth..and my money ISN”T on BushCo.

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PS..I am out of town for 10 days but will post when able. Christ I wish my sister would figure out her friggin wireless network.