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Wendell Potter: Grassley a shill for the insurance industry

Wendell doesn’t talk out of his ass..unlike the carpet-bagging douche nozzle’s known as Grassley, Baucus, From Crooks and Liars, a section of the transcript of this interview by Amy Goodman for DN:

WENDELL POTTER: Well, clearly, this senator has the insurance industry’s best interests at heart, not the American public and not his constituents. The Medicare program is, as he said, part of the social fabric of this country and has been for many years. And it is a government-run plan that has meant a great deal of difference to a lot of people in this country, including certainly his constituents.

He has said that he didn’t think a public plan would be fair, compete fairly with insurance companies who—the private insurance industry. I’d like to ask him what is fair about the way that the insurance industries operate today, the companies that dump sick people when they need insurance most. What is fair about the way the insurance industry operates, Senator Grassley?

Give em hell Wendell!