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My short but sweet summer vacation

There are a bunch of lousy photos I took, I only brought one lens and it was the wrong one, here, on my Flickr page. Nothing good but I do love OB (Ocean Beach, CA) and specifically Newport Ave in OB. I also included a photo of my former boss Yuri, she owns the Sushi shop I worked at for years.

I also took some shots of the west coast’s oldest working wooden roller coaster, the Giant Dipper in Mission Beach. I love that roller coaster and miss being able to ride it..the three blown discs prevent me from enjoying it now..damn it.

Lots of good bars in OB and I have spent many a night in all of them. 😉 But, not this trip..the sista doesn’t cotton to OB..bitch is a yuppie ya know.

The first bar of note is Pacific Shores..aka Pac Shores. Home to old folks during the day..young hipsters at night.

Next is The Sunshine Company, which has a huge palm growing through the middle of the second bar..its fucking huge!!!!

oh, and whilst in Sandy Eggo, I cut off all my long curly locks..I now look like Nurse Jackie, if you are familiar with that show on Showtime. 😉 It’s too fucking hot to wear my hair 24/7 in a ponytail for six straight months..I seem to be going bald at the temple’s with the weight of all that long hair..that is now just a memory. grows back..right?

Going home tomorrow!!!!

I swear to Buddha, I will never again stay anywhere that does not have INTERNET ACCESS!!!

I took a bunch of photos today of Ocean Beach CA…my home for many years. They are uploading to Flickr at the pace of a fucking snail right now.

I will post them tomorrow with commentary. I love and miss an Obecian (O-Bee-shun), it will always be my home town.

Did anyone miss me? I missed all of you freaks, believe me! 😉