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The guy is a real peach..and he ran a prison in Iraq?

By Ross Colvin

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The former commander of a major U.S. military detention center in Baghdad has been detained and charged with “aiding the enemy”, the U.S. military said on Thursday.

Lieutenant-Colonel William Steele is also charged with having an improper relationship with a translator and with the daughter of a detainee, providing mobile phones to prisoners, and unauthorized possession of classified information.

“He has been in detention in Kuwait since last month pending an Article 32 hearing, which is a preliminary hearing where evidence will be presented to determine whether this should go to court-martial,” U.S. military spokeswoman Lieutenant-Colonel Josslyn Aberle said.

I hope Lt.Col. Steele has balls of steel. Something tells me he is gonna need a set of those….damn worthless bag of batshit that he is.