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The new candidate for Prez..

Are you ready…drumroll please…its…

Christopher Walken..yes THAT guy, the actor. He has a website here. He has his platform here. He is hitting the ground running. Hey..if the Shrub could get elected, jerking out millions of dipshits that voted for him..why not Walken in 08?

I am not calling Chris a dipshit, I’m just saying anything is possible sportsfans.

Because if the options for my vote are limited to a Repube and some Democrap, either of which I don’t want..I will vote for Mr. Walken in a heartbeat. As someone who is registered as an Independant I am tired of the new candidate being the same as the old candidate. He is a breath of fresh air in a stale, stinky two party system. I might not agree with his complete platform, and frankly..its kinda vague..but hell..what do we have to lose? I mean..can his advisors be any worse than the Shrubs?

Thanks to the Divine Ms. M for this link.

Bakersfield’s own NL Belardes on yesterday’s protest.

Nick is very prolific..he writes books, he has half a dozen blogs on music,writings and local happenings, he is also a very good photographer. I really wanted to just ask that any of my three loyal readers take the time to go check out his coverage of Bakersfields Immigration March yesterday. He has some very good shots up including the one posted here..of my very favorite District Attorney Eddie Jagels..don’t ya think Eddie looks like he has a major case of gas or something? Plus, from the posts I have read on local blogs such as NL’s and Bako Carpetbaggers, he didn’t have a clue what was going on..which, is not news sportsfans..Eddie usually misses the bus on lots of legalized medicinal marijuana use, child molesters and why Bruce Sons should be freed after his office fucked up the first trial against him by hiding evidence. Speaking of the Bruce Son’s trial..which is being held for a record 3rd retrial in Santa Maria, CA..the judge isn’t taking no shit from the DA’s office..kudos to him..course he doesn’t have to pay homage to Eddies office like the judges here in town seem to do. ..but I digress..go check out NL..hes da shit.

A documentary about the "war" by those that fought it.

I was perusing some of my usual haunts this morning when I saw this link up at donkeyod this morning. Its over at the HuffPo and its about a new documentary film entitled “The War Tapes” that will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival next month. It was made by the National Guard of New Hampshire during their stint in Iraq. The whole platoon evidently brought video camera’s and filmed for an entire year..jesus christ in a thong, a whole year’s worth of horror. They arrived in March of 2004, just as the shit was really starting to hit the fan insurgency-wise.

Check out the link, and see the documentary when it comes can only be powerful and thought-provoking…as well as an accurate measurement of what our troops have to endure in the name of this fucked up war. Its not pro or anti war..its just a view into the horror of war. War should not be fought for meaningless scars a whole generation that had to do our “bidding”…er..fighting.

3800 Bakersfield students walk out of class and protest Immigration changes.

I think my blogger buddy over at Bako Carpetbagger did the greatest service to our students walking out today in response to the changes in the Federal Immigration law. Please go check it out here. His blog doesnt allow comments but you can email him if you so desire. Its a very heartfelt post on today’s events, and I am sure nothing close to the writeup our local rag, the Californian will provide its readers with tomorrow.

3800 students is the number that the police department put on the

oh yeah..AHNOLD was in town today too..ass-kissing some female business owners.

Good one up at Lulu’s place..

Just check out her photoshop first, this is da Shrub,Andy Card and Bolten or Boltin..i forget which..and then go read her post..gotta love the woman..she knows how to make me laugh 🙂 My friggin cats are sick, the ball and chain is still feigning illness and my back is a mess..but I got a smile on my face now.

Her last line just killed me…and I quote: Bolten had a mouth full of grass and was unable to answer reporters’ questions.