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Former Bush supporter bites the hand that fed him.

He was known as “Bush’s Puppet”, but now former Iraq Prime Minister Dr. Ayad Allawi is marching to a different drummer: From Truth Out:

Dr. Ayad Allawi, the former interim Iraqi prime minister previously referred to even by US Congress members as a “Bush puppet,” voiced his strong support for a US withdrawal timeline during a Wednesday Congressional hearing.

During his term in office, from June 2004 to April 2005, Allawi endorsed the US’s controversial bombings of Fallujah and echoed Bush’s speeches almost word for word in many of his own statements; The Washington Post reported that Bush administration officials coached Allawi on the content of his public comments. Prior to his involvement in the US-backed, post-invasion Iraqi government, Allawi worked with the CIA.

Bush doesn’t support his puppets once he no longer needs them. When they tossed Allawi aside it showed there really isn’t any honor among thieves..Again from TO:

Yet, on Wednesday, Allawi blatantly called for “a time frame for reduction of US forces,” a statement that stands in stark contrast to the hazy, deadline-less “time horizon” recently advocated by President Bush. Allawi stressed that the Iraqi people’s wishes should take precedence in any agreement on the future of the American presence in Iraq.

“Most importantly, [the security agreement] should be transparent and get the approval of the Iraqi Parliament and people,” he testified.

Damn skippy the Iraqi people should ratify it! No more secrecy..more sunlight please!! Allawi speaks out about how the current Iraqi government and BushCo have built the Iraqi economy so that it favors American interests. Its a good read..please check it out. Of course some folks will call Allawi a disgruntled former employee of BushCo, but to me, his thoughts are spot-on, and he speaks truth to power through the entire TO article.

For a good laugh, go check out Karen Zipdrives new snark-filled post entitled: The Secret Diary of Nuri al-Maliki.That woman can make me laugh so hard I almost fell outta my chair.

Allawi paying for lobbyists to tout him for Iraqi PM

To the tune of 150K a month, Allawi has hired one of the biggest stars on the lobbying circuit. The letter (click for larger) shows the whole contract and billing cycle for Allwai.

He is of course campaigning for Maliki’s job. Gee, its almost like the Presidential election cycle here my dear reader!!!

Its a swiftboat campaign to boot!!!!

At least the Iraqi’s have learned something from the American Democracy BushCo has been shoving down their throats.

Too bad its the smarmy side of Democracy.

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