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Politifact truthometer re: Obama campaign promises.

With the Big O coming up on his SOTU speechifying moment, those wonderful folks over at PF have compiled for us a nice set of factoids on how The Prez has done keeping his campaign promises. A short synopsis from their writeup:

PolitiFact has been tracking more than 500 promises Obama made during the 2008 campaign, everything from “Create new financial regulations” (Promise Kept) to “End income tax for seniors earning less than $50,000” (Promise Broken).

Individually and collectively, our Obameter ratings tell the story of his presidency at the halfway point in his four-year term. Measured in raw numbers, the scorecard shows his overall performance, with 133 promises Kept and 33 Broken.

Goodness. Over Five-friggin-hundred promises? Dude made that many? And only 33 broken promises? Ah, but what are the broken ones?  So many questions.. Specific numbers, from them as follows:

    * Promise Kept 134

    * Compromise 41

    * Promise Broken 34

    * Stalled 75

    * In the Works 220

    * Not yet rated 2

Well, we already have a discrepancy as the writeup says 33 broken but their graphic says 34 broken. Which is it assholes?  Check them out at you own risk…and if need be..take your blood pressure meds prior. I will update my thoughts on them later.