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Remember those missing arms shipments..I think we have found them..

Back as far as 2004, plenty of stories came out about the millions of weapons that went missing in Iraq. Check out the crazy bastard in the photo..I think his boys are well-armed at this point in time.

So, I do believe those weapons have been found. They are in the hands of the…cough..militia in Basra and of course that batshit crazy sumbitch Al-Sadr and his wingnuts known as the Mahdi Army. Although we were told that nothing big was missing back then..that appears to be bullshit my dear reader as the Green Zone is currently under siege. Rockets are blasting away at American zones like the Embassy there. From the Salon link:

Reuters reported that a giant column of black smoke could be seen near the U.S. Embassy after what was believed to be a mortar strike on a former palace of Saddam that is being used as a headquarters for American civilian and military personnel. However, an embassy spokeswoman said there had been no serious injuries or deaths as a result of the attack. Four people, including two U.S. civilians, were wounded by mortar attacks in the Green Zone Wednesday.

Then of course, there is the mini-war taking place in Basra. Al-Sadr has told Maliki to fuck off and refuses to disarm his militia as noted in the picture above.
A Channel 4 news report out of England. At the Five minute point..the British dude admits that the city of Basra has always been controlled by the militias. Isn’t that just fucking grand? From one of the damn links in this post:

In an interview on Al Jazeera TV, Sadr said Prime Minister Nouri Maliki’s U.S.-backed government was worse than the regime of Saddam Hussein, who is believed to have ordered the assassination of Sadr’s father, Ayatollah Mohammed Sadeq Sadr, in 1999.

Sadr did not renounce a cease-fire he called for his Mahdi Army militia in August, but he said anyone facing foreign occupation had the right to armed resistance.

The bat guano is hitting the fan in Iraq. How is that hand-over to Iraqi’s going for ya Bush? Are they standing up so we can stand down? If King George tells us one more time how great it’s going in Iraq, I will throw something at my tv. When it’s Shiite vs ain’t good.

In Basra, where masked, heavily armed militiamen ruled most streets, residents remained afraid to venture out, even though a curfew was eased during the day. One said they risked being caught in cross-fire, or shot by Iraqi army snipers who could mistake them for militiamen or shot by gunmen guarding the areas they controlled.

Send Lawyers Guns and Money..the shit has hit the fan…again.

Update: Al-Sadr sees the writing on the wall apparently and has issued a statement that he wants all his batshit crazy compadres released..then he will call an end to the fighting..yeah right. I think we have heard this one before..