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Daniel Ellsberg on DR discussing Wikileaks and Pfc. Manning

He was on Dylan Ratigan’s show today. Ellsberg calls them (Wikileaks) patriots and called for the release of Pfc Bradley Manning. Watch!

Cenk rips teabaggers for their hypocrisy.

I do like when Cenk Uygur is on Dylan Ratigan’s show. This man pulls no punches. From C&L‘s VideoCafe:

The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur takes on the “Tea Party” hypocrites who are trashing the government for helping others while themselves being more than willing to take those government handouts for their own, in The Dylan Ratigan show’s daily rant segment.
There’s Michele Bachmann and her farm subsidies. — A guest poster followup: Michele Bachmann did vote to protect farm subsidies for wealthy recipients.
Joe Miller and his wife’s unemployment benefits — Despite Joe Miller Calling Federal Aid Unconstitutional, His Wife Received Unemployment Benefits.
Joe Miller and his farm subsidies — Joe Miller Admits Reaping Federal Farm Subsidies Despite Railing Against Taking Government Funds.
Ron Johnson’s HUD grant — Ron Johnson’s Latest Hypocrisy on Government Assistance: His Own Job Was Created by a Government Grant
And last but not least, Sharron Angle’s government health care — Sharron Angle And Her Husband Receive Government Health Care .

And the video below.

Batshit Betsy makes the rounds of MSNBC shows after Rep Weiner slaps her around

After she got her ass handed to her in a live debate with Rep. Anthony Weiner the other nite. She doesn’t come off too well on MSNBC’s shows either..which is an understatement.


Watch Rachel tear into Batshit Betsy then Dylan Ratigan takes his shots with the talented Rep Weiner.

The entire live debate between Weiner and Batshit Betsy below: