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Pentagon is homophobic? Who knew?

Seems Nan had to step in and throw her weight around in order for House Rep Tammy Baldwin’s significant other to go along on a trip recently. From Politico:

The speaker succeeded, but the issue continues to simmer for both sides. The Pentagon appears to be self-conscious about transporting gay domestic partners at a time when it continues to enforce a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in its own ranks. The speaker is sensitive to the gay rights issue but doesn’t want to be drawn into a situation where it appears she is dictating policy for the use of military planes.

Under House guidelines, members of Congress may take their spouses with them on military flights if there is room for them and when it is “necessary for protocol purposes.” Although Baldwin, the only openly gay woman elected to Congress, exchanged wedding vows with Lauren Azar in 1998, her home state of Wisconsin does not officially recognize same-sex marriages, and military officials were apparently unwilling to consider Azar a “spouse” within the meaning of the House guidelines.

In appealing to Gates, Pelosi aides said their boss was simply asking the defense secretary to follow a precedent established by her predecessor, former Republican Rep. Dennis Hastert of Illinois. Pelosi told Gates that Hastert had allowed Baldwin to take Azar on a previous trip abroad.

Come on you homophobic bastids..Hastert was far from a gay supporter and he was cool with it. Drop the charade for Christ’s sake. Give your homophobia a friggin rest.

I think I have become one of these..

This post by a fellow blogger seemed to nail it quite well for me and my new frame of mind that bad?

Well, I know its not good..but seriously..don’t many of us feel like that since the dawn of the “Spineless Democratic Congress”? Say it with me Ok, then don’t..but you know you want to ;>P

Nannie has said she will keep impeachment off the table..I mean recently said it pointed out by Christopher here. Pelosi deserves the lowest rung in hell for that stand. I really don’t give a rat’s ass if it causes division within the the hell is that any different than the entire “hate the gays”, “long live Jesus”, “cronyism is good” type of politics practiced by the Republicans the last decade or so?

You got your closeup Ms. get the fuck off the stage.


Pelosi calls Cheney a Dick..and I don’t mean Richard..

Graphic filched from DarkBlack.

Well, truthfully..she didn’t call him a dick..but I bet she did in private. After the Big Dick’s speech-i-fying the other day..Nancy got her panties in a wad according to Politico:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says a swipe that Vice President Cheney took at Democratic House leaders is “beneath the dignity of his office.”

Now, personally, I don’t think Nan has a lot of room to talk. She who refuses to impeach these bastids for high crimes and misdemeanors. In fact, I would go so far as to really are the kettle calling the pot black..bitch.

Bush-Pelosi-Reid meeting: how did it go?

Unnamed sources have given us a brief look into the little tea party BushCo held for the head Dems, Reid and Pelosi. From TPM’s Greg Sergeant:

A source familiar with the meeting — at which no compromise of any kind was reached, though Speaker Nancy Pelosi said publicly today that it had been “productive” — shares a few interesting tidbits. First, the source says, Bush bristled and was taken aback when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid compared the current situation to Vietnam; he also appeared irked by those who said the war couldn’t be won.

Second, according to the source, Reid told Bush that he understood that the White House would come after Congressional Dems after the veto of the bill with everything they had; Reid vowed to respond every bit as aggressively.

“Reid talked about a recent conversation he had with a retired general where they talked about the similarities between the current situation and Vietnam,” the source relates. “He talked about how the President and Secretary of Defense [during Vietnam] knew that the war was lost but continued to press on at the cost of thousands of additional lives lost.”

“The analogy to Vietnam appeared to touch a nerve with the President. He appeared a little sensitive to it,” the source continued. “And he clearly didn’t like to hear people in the room say that the war couldn’t be won militarily.”

Bush’s Waterloo is really his Vietnam. The vile prick.

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