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Ron Suskind releases transcripts of convo’s with former CIA officials..

The officials that discussed Cheney’s forging documents.

No shit…

His website states:

A note to readers

I’ve decided to post a partial transcript of one of a number of taped conversations in which Rob Richer and I discussed, on the record, the Habbush letter. We discussed it many times through the spring of 2008.

Rob Richer received a copy of The Way of the World on Monday night, August 4, the day before publication. On Tuesday, he said he had read key portions of the book and was comfortable with what they contained. Later that day, though, he issued the following the statement:

“I never received direction from George Tenet or anyone else in my chain of command to fabricate a document from Habbash as outlined in Mr Suskind’s book.”

The conversation below took place in June 2008. As in all of our conversations, it shows Rob pressing to get at truth and embrace probity.

This posting is contrary to my practice across 25 years as a journalist. But the issues, in this matter, are simply too important to stand as discredited in any way.

–Ron Suskind

I have to get the B&C’s new Vista computer up and running. I won’t be able to read the transcript until later…if someone else reads it…leave the cliff notes in the comments section ok? Thanks!