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Randy Cunningham sings like a canary

TPM has the links to the transcripts up from FBI jailhouse interviews held in Feb of this year, with Randy Duke Cunningham. Here is one and here is the FBI affidavit. All pdf files of course.

I don’t want to spoil it for you..but Brent Wilkes ain’t gonna be happy..nope..not one damn bit. A small snippet: “Cunningham stated that, by 2000, he had already been receiving numerous benefits from Wilkes that included such things as vacation trips, liquor, cash/maintenance money . According to Cunningham, in return for these benefits, he had been helping Wilkes/ADCS in their efforts to secure government contracts.”

Wilkes faces 30 counts in two separate indictments, including charges that he gave Cunningham $600,000 in gifts and cash in exchange for Cunningham’s help in getting more than $80 million in defense contracts. Wilkes’ two trials are expected to occur this fall. The government has not said if it will bring Cunningham back to San Diego to testify.

God, I hope they bring the Dukester back for Brent’s trials. San Diego’s local rag has more.

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