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At least this poor sot didn’t make it to Gitmo..

The military has release Associated Press photographer Bilal Hussein. It has been two years since they picked him up and accused him of being a terrorist..or aiding and abetting said terrorists.

Fucking assholes now say and I quote from the writeup:

“After the action by the Iraqi judicial committees, we reviewed the circumstances of Hussein’s detention and determined that he no longer presents an imperative threat to security,”

How much do you want to bet he got just a little bit o’ torture in those two years? Gawd, how can these fuckwits steal two years of someone’s life and say..oopsy..he isn’t a bad guy afterall. He never went to trial, he was never really charged with anything..and you know they had no fucking evidence.

He was an employee of a news gathering and disseminating company for Christs sake..and we are bloggers..see any connection? I do..both groups usually try to write about truth and injustice.