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By the exit polling numbers..

From TPM Election Central via CBS:

* Seventeen percent in Indiana and 14% in North Carolina decided in last three days.

* The economy is the major driving issue, with 65% In Indiana saying it was the most important issue, and 60% saying the same in North Carolina. Unsurprisingly, Hillary won among these voters in Indiana, and Obama won among them in NC.

* Voters in both states pretty much split evenly on the question of whether Wright was important in their vote.

* More voters blamed Hillary for negative campaigning — 63% of Indiana voters and 67 % of North Carolina voters thought Clinton attacked Obama unfairly. Only 43 % in Indiana and 40% in North Carolina thought the reverse.

Meanwhile, Marc Ambinder looks at some more numbers and concludes that “the polarization within the Democratic Party has reached critical levels.”

We’ll be blogging the results tonight right here. All the polls in Indiana will be closed by 7 P.M., and in North Carolina they’ll be closed by 7:30.

Late Update: A detailed breakdown of the numbers showing Dem polarization is here.

This ain’t good.

Tim Russert is hungup on White dude? He keeps bringing up how the white women voted.