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They did it, they released Aung Suu Kyi!

From the LA Times article

I found something to be glad about this cold dismal day that found me at the Vets office @ 6am. Those batshit fuckwads in the military junta, that run Burma into the ground, finally released her. From the LAT:

Reporting from Yangon, Myanmar —
Opposition leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi was freed Saturday in Myanmar after years in detention as a huge crowd presented flowers and chanted “Long Live Suu Kyi.”

Soldiers armed with rifles and tear gas launchers pushed aside the barbed-wire barriers blocking her street at 5:15 p.m., leading to a gleeful dash the final 100 yards to her gate. Twenty minutes later, the slight pro-democracy opposition figure known here simply as “the lady” popped her head over her red spiked fence to a roar from jubilant supporters.

“It’s very happy to see the people,” she said, barely audible over the chanting. “It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen you.”

Suu Kyi, whose been in detention for 15 of the last 21 years in a country under brutal military rule, promised to speak at greater length Sunday at the headquarters of her political party.

“I’ll have a loudspeaker then,” she said to laughter. “I won’t say anything more now, since you can’t hear me anyway.”

Her party, the National League for Democracy, won by a landslide in 1990 but the results weren’t honored by the regime. And it was forced to disband recently after deciding to boycott last weekend’s controversial election. Full election results have not been released, but Union Solidarity and Development Party officials, the party backed by the regime, have indicated it has won close to 80% of the seats.

It made me smile through my tears. And for once, I am glad that I was wrong about something.

Will Aung San Suu Kyi be released? – Don’t bet the farm on it.

Her house arrest term is set to expire any day now. But the Burmese bastard Junta that runs the country is afraid of the power of this tiny and now elderly woman….so my guess is she won’t be released. But her loyal followers still hold on to hope. From The Independent:

The military authorities who oversaw last weekend’s controversial election have given no formal indication the 65-year-old will be released when her current term of detention formally expires tomorrow. Yet members of her National League for Democracy (NLD) have been cleaning their offices in anticipation and foreign diplomats are readying themselves for the opportunity to meet her. In Rangoon, said one Western diplomat, there was a “mood of hope, and yet expectation.”

“I believe she will released on the evening of 13 November,” said her lawyer, Nyan Win. “We have no plans for a celebration, but it will be a very happy occasion for our beloved Lady.”

Many warn against such expectation. In Rangoon, where security is tight, the mood remains outwardly calm despite the anxiety of Ms Suu Kyi’s supporters. Another diplomat said it was more likely that the Nobel laureate would not be set free. On previous occasions when she was due to be released, the junta changed its mind.

I have written 11 posts on the subject of Burma, Aung and the military junta douche nozzles that rule with a deadly iron fist there. If you wish to read or peruse them, just put Burma in the search box, or click here…but I digress. Since I am mostly a negative bitch, I feel this wonderful woman will still be held prisoner in her own house, probably until the day she dies or until the junta is overthrown….whichever comes first. The junta will gain nothing from releasing her. They do not care about the citizens of Burma, that is obvious…so why in the blue hell would they release her?

But deep down inside my soul…I hope that she is. I would love to be wrong on this topic, I really would.

Burmese Junta still refusing to aid citizens..

Not to mention the sumbitches are actually arresting people who are helping those in the Irrawaddy Delta region, hardest hit by the cyclone.

But don’t let that detract from the Hillary speechifying coming soon to a tv near you or who Obama might possibly pick in the next two months for his Veep.

There is no greater disaster than greed

There is no calamity greater than lavish desires.

There is no greater guilt than discontentment.

And there is no greater disaster than greed.


Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)

President Bush signed a bill this past Monday that will allow federal, state and local governments to divest themselves of investments that do business with the smarmy bastards running the country of Sudan. As recently as 2004 Secretary of State Colin Powell signaled Washington’s intention to relax sanctions and allow U.S. companies to take advantage of Sudan’s oil wealth. Of course the signing of ‘the bill’ doesn’t stop any of these municipalities and government entities from keeping their investments either. Only public pressure and lots of negative publicity will further the cause of shunning corporations that do business with murderers.

The other thing it doesn’t do is make any of the Big Oil Companies stop assisting in the pumping of that black gold out of the ground in Sudan. With oil being what it is, does anyone think for a minute that the piece of paper The Shrub signed actually does anything to change the horrific situation in Darfur? Please, these companies will always find a way around laws and rules, take that to the bank my dear reader. How many companies lined Saddam’s pockets during the infamous embargo of the last two decades?

And what about our BFF China? They don’t give a tinkers damn about human rights abuses, hell those chumps lead the charge. Two of the biggest business partners with the pigs in Sudan are PetroChina and Tafneft (a Russian enterprise). British Petroleum (BP) and Shell are also stock holders in the Chinese enterprise.

Those two countries I just named also hold veto power in the UN. Now, isn’t that special?

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Monks marching again in Burma

Bless those guys..they don’t give up. AP story here. This just made my day I tell ya!

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