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Red Cross says US committed War Crimes.

An International Red Cross report states that America has truly stepped in it..the universal ‘we’ have committed war crimes. A book coming out lays all the horror at our feet. From the NYT writeup:

Red Cross investigators concluded last year in a secret report that the Central Intelligence Agency’s interrogation methods for high-level Qaeda prisoners constituted torture and could make the Bush administration officials who approved them guilty of war crimes, according to a new book on counterterrorism efforts since 2001.

The book says that the International Committee of the Red Cross declared in the report, given to the C.I.A. last year, that the methods used on Abu Zubaydah, the first major Qaeda figure the United States captured, were “categorically” torture, which is illegal under both American and international law.

Jonathan Turley says it very plainly. Watch the video if you missed him on Countdown. Just because John Yoo told Bush he could torture doesn’t make it legal under International Law. Again from the NYT writeup:

Citing unnamed “sources familiar with the report,” Ms. Mayer wrote that the Red Cross document “warned that the abuse constituted war crimes, placing the highest officials in the U.S. government in jeopardy of being prosecuted.” Red Cross representatives were not permitted access to the secret prisons where the C.I.A. conducted interrogations, but were permitted to interview Abu Zubaydah and other high-level detainees in late 2006, after they were moved to the military detention center in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

The book says the C.I.A. shared the report, which Ms. Mayer first described last year in less detail in The New Yorker, with President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. disgustingly amazing. Will BushCo get away with it? Probably..but I wouldn’t want to be caught outside the US borders after he leaves office, if I were him. We have been saying for years that Bush and his underlings should be tried for War Crimes and we didn’t even have access to the same information the International Red Cross did.