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In Fl, residents don’t have to be told about toxic soil or groundwater underneath them

This is absolutely criminal on a state and county level. Lockheed Martin, for the most part, did their job and notified the state regarding toxic compounds that had leeched into the ground water of a small FL town and removed the soil, 538 tons to be exact. Lockheed did not cause the leak, they acquired the plant in a huge buy-out of the Loral Corporation’s assets. From the miamiherald link above:

In 1996, after the plant closed, Lockheed Martin bought the property as part of a $9.1 billion purchase of many of the assets of owner Loral Corp. At purchase, it did not conduct an environmental review. A year later, as Lockheed Martin began the process of selling the site, it did.

By January 2000, the company discovered a leak of trichloroethylene, TCE, a cancer risk in drinking water that can remain in groundwater for long periods. Other hazards found include 1,4-dioxane, an industrial chemical that can affect the central nervous system and forms contamination plumes in groundwater, and tetrachloroethylene, a cancer-causing agent that can seriously irritate the skin.

But the state never told the residents of Tallevast. As late as 2002, the state of FL said nothing to the residents about the known (at least my state of CA, and half a  dozen other state, federal, and international agencies considers it) cancer-causing chemical TCE in the soil and groundwater, or about tetrachloroethylene another carcinogen. When asked why, the following is a response from an official state spokeswoman:

Why didn’t the state inform the community? “I don’t believe we had a regulation,” a spokeswoman with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection told The Miami Herald in 2008

Wait, they needed a fucking regulation to tell property owners and life-long residents that their wells and soil were tainted with cancer-causing agents? They felt no moral need, no eff’n obligation what-so-fucking-ever to warn residents, tax paying residents? Are you friggin kidding me? 

The plant, when operational, manufactured nuclear reactor parts and nuclear weapons. Oh, and did I mention that Tallevast is primarily a black town? Not that the color of the residents skin had anything to do with the state screwing them over…of course not. Not in the great state of Floriduuuh.