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WTF, sign Feingolds Censure letter.

The site to do that is here. I know it ain’t squat, I am not daft my dear reader. But it makes me feel like I did more than blog and bitch about it.

I am anticipating the next round of protests and marches..I am SO there..I haven’t been to one in a couple of months now, last one in L.A..nothing better than being with hundreds if not thousands of folks that feel exactly as I do..pissed the fuck off!

The Text of Feingolds censure letter for your titillation and enjoyment:

First Resolution: The President and the Vice President must be held accountable for leading the United States into war in Iraq under false pretenses.

From the false assertion that Iraq was linked to al-Qaeda, to that claim that Iraq harbored weapons of mass destruction that threatened the U.S., to insufficient war planning, to manipulating intelligence data to suit their ideology, to fiscal mismanagement of the war; this administration has failed our country at every turn and must be held to account.

Second Resolution: The President and the Attorney General must be condemned for their blatant disregard for the rule of law and the Constitution.

From the implementation of the illegal, domestic wiretapping program, to the use of military commissions, to redefining torture, to the politicization and mishandling of the U.S. Attorney scandal, to the refusal to comply with congressional subpoenas; the Bush White House, time and time again, has thumbed its nose at the law.

If Congress does not censure the President, the Vice President and the Attorney General, we will be tacitly condoning their actions, and undermining the very foundation on which our country was founded.

I therefore sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of Senator Feingold’s resolutions to censure the President, Vice President, and the Attorney General.

_____________________________ ___August 06, 2007 08:09 PM___

Your Name Here Date Signed

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Russ Feingold and Censure

He might not get far with his censure movement..but the man has the courage of his convictions, you have to hand him that ok? His site has the following message up and he asks you to speak your mind to him here.

Millions of Americans agree that the time has come to demand accountability from the President and his administration. The two censure resolutions that Senator Feingold proposed will hold the President, Vice President, and the administration responsible for the destructive path down which they’ve taken our country. The White House can no longer be allowed to shred the constitution, and thumb their nose at the American people, at every turn.

Click here to read more about Senator Feingold’s two censure proposals.