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Here is a list of the Democrats with no balls.

And by no balls, I mean the 20 Democrats that voted against the Feingold-Reid resolution that would effectively end most U.S. combat operations in Iraq by next April. Their amendment won the votes of 28 Democrats and one independent. But support for the Feingold-Reid measure, which followed a similar House vote last week, provided another indication of how public pressure to end the war has pushed congressional Democrats to embrace once politically taboo plans to challenge Bush’s management of the war. There were 47 Republicans that also voted nay. Click the graphic to make it larger.

Both our CA Senators voted for the amendment. Thank you Ladies!

The Feingold-Reid plan introduced last month would cut off funding at the end of March for all but a limited range of military operations, which include protecting U.S. personnel, training Iraqi forces and conducting limited counter-terrorism operations.

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